Who We Are

Eric Hudson | Owner

Originally from New York, Eric now spends his days in Orlando, FL with his friends and family. As a true entrepreneur, Eric has been dealing with customers since he was seven years young and started his first landscaping business at fourteen. Now the owner of multiple companies, Eric likes to fly around the country for new business opportunities and vacations. His interest in outdoor activities, like hiking and skiing, make his current favorite place to travel Boulder, CO.

Ariel Correa | General Manager

Having twenty plus years of experience in business, Ariel has accumulated a broad variety of knowledge all centered around retail stores, businesses, and the countless needs associated. Ariel understands the needs of a business owner which allows him to offer customers the best possible solutions when building or remodeling their location. Ariel believes any great business is a reflection of its service and the ability to meet its customer’s needs. He is always willing and able to offer assistance and the opportunity to earn your business.

Desmond Holland | Lead Traveling Sales Rep

Desmond is a true Orlando native having lived here his entire life. These days when Desmond is not traveling around the country closing stores you can find him enjoying the breeze on his backyard lake. Whether fishing or riding the boat, you can catch him relaxing at home. His favorite part of working with the company is all the opportunities he has to travel around the country. Like Mr. Hudson, Desmond’s favorite place to travel is also Boulder, CO because of the skiing, hiking, and the view of the sun setting over the mountain tops.