With Hudson's Liquidators, we offer the best products at the best prices for our customers. Our team of restoration experts refurbish and repair pre-owned products to perform just like new, ensuring the reliability and durability you depend on from brand names you trust. We guarantee that our products are revived so well that they will continue to serve your needs for years to come. We believe that you deserve the best in quality, and we're here to deliver just that.

Contact one of our experienced warehouse specialists today, so we can help build an order tailored just for you. The process is simple and will get you on the road to success.
Hudson's Quality Scale
This top tier rating includes new, unused, and repainted shelving and other equipment. There could still be minor blemishes, but this is our best quality product overall. Good as new items at far from new prices!
The products receiving a B grade will have some scratches and minor blemishes to their cosmetic appeal. That however does not diminish their quality, as this grade level is based solely on appearance and not performance quality
These items are far from perfect. There will be dings, dents, and scratches covering most of the unit. This isn't to say the item is weak or damaged, it will still maintain its functionality and effectiveness. Many of these items are covered in stickers and glue, so please talk with one of our team members to find out how we can satisfy your particular needs
If you are looking to save money on a product that is designed purely to function, then you found your grade. It's possible that there may be minor rust starting to show on the product, so please talk with our warehouse team on the quality of the product before you invest.